It was 106 degrees yesterday in Albuquerque. In the afternoon to take our minds off our misery, Matt and I stretched out listlessly on the bed and watched Hamilton. The heat was awful. Hamilton was magical.

Now admittedly, it was not as magical as when we saw it in January in London, but it was pretty damn great. So great, in fact, that reminded me to not give up hope in these trying times, that music matters and inspiration can sometimes come through a screen and break open our hearts.

All this is way of saying that this post is a shameless commercial promotion of some upcoming musical opportunities that anyone—regardless of geography, because it today’s online world geography does not matter!—can enjoy.

In May, my friend and musical colleague Joel Becktell and I presented a Livestream concert sponsored by St John’s UMC to benefit Albuquerque Healthcare for the Homeless (Missed it? You can find the archived concert here.). Wednesday, July 15 at NOON MDT,  I will be joining Ingela Onstad, soprano, and Michael Hix, baritone, for another such Livestream event. Concert is free, donations for Albuquerque Healthcare for the Homeless welcomed and appreciated. Click here in real time or watch/listen at your convenience later.

Since choral singing remains in the distant future, Quintessence Choral Artists have moved its annual summer festival on line. The hardworking staff of Quintessence (translation: my husband Matt) is presenting a virtual weeklong musical festival beginning July 20 called The Song Is Alive Everywhere. This opportunity is not just for choral singers or even self-identified musicians. The festival consists of workshops and concerts, documentaries and panal discussions presented by folks from all over the world (In an online festival, geography is not an issue for either presenters or attendees. See above.). I am doing a Monday morning spot on the Life-Changing Magic of Practicing in a World Gone MadVoces8, the AMAZING British a cappella group, will be making an appearance as well. For a $50 registration fee, you can engage as much as your schedule allows in a fantastic week of both musical inspiration and beauty.

You can find all the information about the festival here.  And if you are tired fo watching Hamilton, here is a funny video promo made by our good friend and Voces8 founder Paul Smith.

Stay cool and well, friends. Watch Hamilton. Eat ice cream. Wear face masks.